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Absolute Tequila Daisy Azul Grande Margarita Malcolm Lowry
Acapulco Deceiver Azuñia Margarita Mélange A Trois
Acapulco Clam Digger Downsider Basic Margarita Mex-jito
Adam Bomb Doralto Billionaire Margarita Mexican Hot Chocolate
Agave Kiss by Herradura Dulce de Tezón Blue Margarita Mexican Madras
Alamo Splash Duvall Crawl Cadillac Margarita Mexican Martini
Amaretto Stone Sour # 3 Durango Catalina Margarita Mexicana
Ambassador Earthquake Classic Margarita Mexican Mermaid
Amor El Cosmo Green Iguana Mexicola
Apollo El Diablo Herradura Margarita Navy Seal
Bahareita (Baja-ree-ta) El Torito Jamaica (Hibiscus) Margarita Old Town Ice Tea
Batanga El Vampiro Mango Margarita Ole
Beergarita Essence de Mexico Peach Margarita Paloma
Bertha Fire and Ice Puro Margarita Paloma (All-Natural)
Besitos de Tezón Freddy Fudpucker Strawberry Margarita Piñata
Bloody Bull Green Lizard Raspberry Margarita de Tezón Pineapple Sunrise
Bloody Maria Grenada de Tezón Zocalo House Margarita Prairie Fire
Bloody Maria de Tezón Herradura Mango Mojito   Raspberry Tequila Mojito
Blue Agave Mist Herradura Mojito   Red Hooker
Blue Motorcycle Ice Bet   Red Hot Chicano
Blue Shark Icebreaker   Red Hot Mama
Blue Smoke Ilana Stern Ice   Renegade
Brave Bull Jeweler   Rosita
Bumblebee Keela Jungle Slut   Rusty Navel
Cactus Banger Keoki Coffee   Shady Lady
Cactus Bite La Bomba   Shaker
Cafe del Prado Long Beach Ice Tea   Silk Stockings
California Martini Long Island Iced Tea   Sin-grita
Can Can

Margarita Stem Glass
Snake Bite
Cantarito Spanish Moss
Caramba! Splash
Caramel Apple Pie de Tezón Tequila Canyon
C. C. Kazi Shooter Tequila Cocktail
Chapala Tequila Daisy
Chapultepec Castle Tequila Float
Charley Goodleg Tequila Mockingbird
Charro Negro Tequila Mojito
Chihuahua Tequila Shooter
Chongo Tequila Slammer
Chupa Cabra Tequila Spa
Citrico Snowflake Tequila Sunrise
Coco Loco Tequila Sunset
Coconut Tequila Tequini
Cocoteq Third Street Promenade
Corona Fog Toreador
Cucaracha II      
Zocalo Entrance Zocalo Waitress & Luke

We would like to thank Zocalo Restaurant for supplying recipes and allowing us to take photos of their drinks. The Zocalo restaurant in Old Town San Diego has since been changed to Miguel's Cocina. Photos of Zocalo drinks were taken by Chimi and BajaBerger. Request photos not be reproduced without written consent from TequilaConnection.com.


Background music courtesy of: Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Songs spread thoughout the Cocktail section include Heaven On A Paper Plate, Easy, Maybe We Should Fall In Love, and Green & Dumb.

Brigantine Family of Restaurants in San Diego, California: Brigantine Family of Restaurants
Azunia Tequila http://www.azuniatequila.com
Herradura Tequila http://www.herradura.com/
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