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Viva XXXII Tequila Reviews

Viva XXXII Tequila Reviews    Cocktail Enthusiast (blog) Brush up on your Roman numerals, because there’s a new tequila in town: …The Reposado, which has been rested for six months in American oak barrels…  On the tongue it proves to be light, cool and pleasant. As it approaches the center of the palate, a buttery vanilla […]

Texas Taco, Tequila, and Margarita Festival

Texas Taco, Tequila, and Margarita Festival spices up Conroe Saturday    Laredo Morning Times Texas Taco, Tequila and Margarita Festival is ready to make mouths water in downtown Conroe Saturday.  The festival will include over 35 taco vendors, a taco competition, tequila flights and tastings, margaritas, a kids zone, vendors, live music on two stages and […]

Patrón’s del Toro and Lalique editions

Patrón to debut del Toro and Lalique editions in Cannes …The Patrón x Guillermo del Toro collaboration is the result of a partnership between Patrón and acclaimed Mexican film director, designer and screenwriter Guillermo del Toro…  

Sierra Milenario adds smoky Tequila

Sierra Milenario adds smoky Tequila  Created at the family-owned distillery Sierra Unidas in Jalisco, Sierra Milenario Tequila Fumado is said to have “exceptional notes of smokiness” due to the unique process.  Created by master distiller Rodolfo Gonzalez, the 100% de agave Sierra Milenario range includes Añejo, Extra Añejo, Blanco, Reposado and…

Patrón’s Tequila Empire

The Truth Behind Patrón’s Tequila Empire    Forbes Vincent L Long     A peek behind the curtain at Hacienda Patrón. Tequila Patrón, the world’s largest selling super-premium tequila brand, took the world by storm with an absurdly expensive, 100% agave tequila in the 90’s when gold, “mixto” tequila was king…

Tequila Fest – 16 cities around the UK

Tequila Festival is coming to Birmingham with cocktails, food and entertainment    Birmingham Mail It’s going on a tour of 16 cities around the UK and arriving at the Rainbow Venues in Digbeth on October 7, between 3pm and 10pm… “Tequila has a very strong cultural identity, so we wanted to bring this to life and […]

Ayate Tequila

Saxco Assists With Packaging For Premium Ayate Tequila <img class=”aligncenter wp-image-127016″ src=”×680.jpg” alt=”” width=”650″ height=”433″ srcset=” 1020w,×320.jpg 480w,×512.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 650px) 100vw, 650px” /> Savage And Cooke, of Vallejo, California in partnership with the Ramirez family of Guanajuanto, Mexico is introducing its new premium Ayate Tequila in two expressions to Tequila drinkers in […]

2017 Arizona Taco Festival ~ 14-15 Oct

Tickets Are on Sale Now for the 2017 Arizona Taco Festival Over 50 restaurants have confirmed their participation in this year’s festival, each of which will be slinging $2 tacos. On Saturday, October 15, there will also be a tequila expo, featuring 30 brands offering samples of over 100 tequilas. Sunday will feature a margarita […]

Which Tequilas Are The Best Value

Bartenders Tell Us Which Tequilas Are The Best Value For Your Money    UPROXX For a long time, there was a negative stigma surrounding tequila in America…

Spicy Pink Watermelon Margarita Recipe

This Spicy Pink Watermelon Margarita Recipe Blends Your Love of Rosé and Tequila    Shape Magazine To create their rosa tequila, they let their blanco tequila spend a month chillin’ in Napa Cabernet oak barrels so that the clear spirit adopts a pretty pink …