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5 Different Types of Tequila

A Guide to the 5 Different Types of Tequila    VinePair Tequila is one of the most popular spirits in the world, but the spirit can still be incredibly confusing. While it’s pretty widely known that tequila is made …   Don Julio Varieties (Video)

Codigo 1530 Rosé Tequila

Rosé Tequila Is the Ultimate Summer Spirit   Supercall Codigo 1530 is making a rosé tequila, and it’s the ultimate summer sipper…  Codigo makes its Rosa tequila ($65) by letting their blanco expression rest in French white oak barrels that previously held California cabernet. The tequila sits in the barrel just long enough to take on […]

10 Best Cocktails in the World

These Are the 10 Best Cocktails in the World, According to 22000 Drinkers     Maxim Ranker keeps digging into booze usage, a.k.a. America’s national pastime… Recently the site surveyed the favorite tequila brands of 10,000 tequila lovers and discovered some surprising things. Then Ranker followed that up with an even more intriguing question: “What’s your favorite […]

Hellfire Tequila

Founder Of Devil’s Bar, Puerto Vallarta Announces Their New Product: Hellfire Tequila.    MENAFN.COM The cinnamon-flavored tequila is a Mexican product, and the name Hellfire wishes to be the tequila version of Fireball Whiskey…

Manchester’s Tequila Festival (UK)

Manchester’s biggest tequila festival is coming to town with shots, piñatas, and Mariachi   Manchester Evening News The organisation runs everything from gigs to festivals, and is also running a London Tequila Festival on Saturday August 19 with tickets priced at £20.  Everyone knows a great night starts (and sometimes ends) with a round of tequila […]

‘Tequila Mundo’ (Detroit)

Refine your tequila tastebuds at ‘Tequila Mundo’  (Detroit) If you like tequila, you’ll want to book your calendar for Saturday, May 20.  The Royal Oak Farmers Market will hold an event at night called “Tequila Mundo”.  It will feature over 60 varieties of tequila from around the world, and include cocktails, exotic margarita flavors, agave derived […]

Santo Mezcal in Downtown Santa Barbara

BizHawk: Los Agaves Restaurateur Carlos Luna Debuts Santo Mezcal in Downtown Santa Barbara    Noozhawk Unlike Los Agaves restaurants, Carlos Luna’s new Santo Mezcal has a full bar, with a focus on mezcals and tequilas…

Moreno’s Liquors Celebrates 40 Years

Moreno’s Liquors Celebrates 40 Years With Tequila, Craft Brews The family-run shop at 3724 W. 26th St. (Chicago) is believed to house the largest tequila collection in the Midwest — with more than 700 varieties lining its shelves…

Tequila Cocktails Around the US

11 Tequila Cocktails Around the US Now   The Perfect Spot Covering the 11 hottest cocktails of the month around the US at…    Here are 11 bars around North America (click on each for the featured cocktail) making standout tequila cocktails now…

Chicago Tequila Fest

Chicago Tequila Fest    Goldstar Get discount Chicago Tequila Fest tickets… Now you can embrace the more subtle complexities of this storied beverage at this intimate event at the Trophy Room in Chicago’s River North. Sample several varieties of this delicious drink with 15 included tasting tickets and vote for your favorites. VIP admission gets you […]