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Places to Try Mezcal in Charlotte

6 Places to Try Mezcal in Charlotte    Charlotte magazine LEFT: Mezcal negroni; Stoke in uptown. RIGHT: Southern Campfire; The Porter’s House in south Charlotte.

first London Mezcal Week

Bars to celebrate Mexican spirit with first London Mezcal Week Bars and restaurants are to celebrate one of Mexico’s greatest exports with the first London Mezcal Week, including a bartender cocktail competition.  Running from September 11 to 17 across the capital, it will feature a series of events around mezcal, Mexican culture, art and food, […]

2017 Arizona Taco Festival ~ 14-15 Oct

Tickets Are on Sale Now for the 2017 Arizona Taco Festival Over 50 restaurants have confirmed their participation in this year’s festival, each of which will be slinging $2 tacos. On Saturday, October 15, there will also be a tequila expo, featuring 30 brands offering samples of over 100 tequilas. Sunday will feature a margarita […]

Which Tequilas Are The Best Value

Bartenders Tell Us Which Tequilas Are The Best Value For Your Money    UPROXX For a long time, there was a negative stigma surrounding tequila in America…

Mezcal Is LA’s Favorite Drink

Move Over Craft Beer, Mezcal Is LA’s Favorite Drink   LA Weekly The smoky sister of tequila, mezcal is also distilled from agave, and is as ancient as booze gets. While some of the best incarnations of the drink are …

Ocho Cafe In West Hartford

Ocho Cafe: Specialty Tacos And Tequila In West Hartford Hartford Courant Ocho Cafe is West Hartford’s newest Mexican restaurant. The extensive menu covers all the favorites, and the bar has 60 different tequilas and …

Classy joint in Tijuana

Arguably the classiest joint in Tijuana     San Diego Reader The year is 1924. Bootleggers and feds are playing cat-and-mouse and legends such as Louis Armstrong are playing jazz. Italian restaurateur Caesar Cardini, who had settled briefly in San Diego five years earlier, evades the pressure of prohibition by going south of the border where Americans […]

Up-and-coming agave

Up-and-coming agave      The Straits Times Like the rest of the world, Singapore is catching on to artisanal versions of tequila.  And it is not just tequila. Other agave (“ah-gah-vay”) spirits produced in Mexico, such as mezcal, raicilla and a variant called sotol, are coming…

Visit Oaxaca

Where to Eat, Drink, and Stay in Oaxaca    Food & Wine For rising-star chef and Noma alum Rosio Sánchez, no place inspires her like this vibrant region in southern Mexico. Here she introduces us to the 
mole masters, mezcal distillers and tortilla artisans putting Oaxaca on the food-lover’s map…

Tips – Mixing With Mezcal

Mixing With Mezcal: Smoky, Strong, and Delicious Cocktail Recipes Oaxacan Old-Fashioned & Mezcal Mule recipes. Photograph by Tara Donne