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Flavors of mezcal to Logan Square

Quiote is bringing the distinct    WGN Radio  (Chicago) Paul Biasco and Dan Salls of the great, new Logan Square restaurant Quiote join Justin to talk about their restaurant…

Dallas’ First Mezcaleria

In Expo Park, Three Friends Turn a Private Mezcal Social Club Into Dallas’ First Mezcaleria   Dallas Observer …Las Almas Rotas won’t be a typical Dallas cocktail bar. While there will be cocktails served in the front room, drinkers will be encouraged to sip spirits straight… Along with mezcal, the bar will serve other artisanal mexican […]

Mezcal Cocktail Competition

GOODS | ‘Viejo Indecente’ Mezcal Cocktail Competition Set For Gastown’s La Mezcaleria    Scout Magazine (blog) Vancouver, BC | La Mezcaleria Gastown is hosting a cocktail competition in partnership with Viejo Indecente Mezcal on Monday, June 26th at 7pm. Thirteen competing bartenders will mix cocktails with the winner earning a trip to Oaxaca…

Investors Wanted In Mezcal Country

US Investors Are Wanted In Mezcal Country …Agave is the essential element for making mezcal. And the demand of this drink keeps rising: according to the Mexican government, in 2016 it earned third place in exports of alcoholic beverages — after only beer and tequila — generating $26.8 million…

Can Mezcal Grow to The Mainstream?

Can Mezcal Grow Its Way to The Mainstream Without Losing Its Roots    VinePair …Diageo, the largest global spirits company and a VinePair investor, manages distribution for Mezcal Union. Bacardi, the largest privately owned global spirits company, has invested in both Ilegal Mezcal and Zignum. Most recently, on June 7, Pernod Ricard, the second-largest spirits company […]

Bar Accessories Dad Wants

8 Absolute Must-Have Bar Accessories Dad Wants For Father’s Day Friends like Brendan don’t only have one kind of Mezcal, he might have a dozen or more. So, let me please recommend a Mezcal that I think is entry …

Who has the worm?

Who has the worm?    Valley morning Star It used to be a low grade spirit that would never grace the bar shelves of …  Not today…  So what is the difference between mezcal and tequila in taste? While that may be a broad question, especially due to similar ingredients and creation techniques and the continued refinement […]

10 Best Mezcal Mixed Drinks

Mezcal Drink Recipes: 10 Best Mezcal Mixed Drinks   Supercall In the last few years, mezcal has gone from relative obscurity to the agave spirit everyone is talking about—and putting on their cocktail menus. While mezcal is traditionally sipped neat in its native Mexico, the smoky spirit is being incorporated more and more into cocktails that benefit […]

Mezcal’s long-term sustainability issues

Mezcal fans worry mania could devastate Mexico’s agave crop “Here, in a shot glass, is the current quandary mezcal drinkers face in the United States. Never has the liquor — tequila’s smokier, rougher parent spirit — been more visible, plentiful or popular … That’s a great thing for a beverage that has long been misunderstood […]

Pernod Ricard’s Deal With Del Maguey Mezcal

The Story Behind Pernod Ricard’s Recent Ownership Deal With Del Maguey Mezcal    Forbes …“All of Del Maguey’s indigenous employees, its palenqueros, and its weavers will be protected, now as a result of this partnership, and we will continue to hire local, indigenous people in every aspect of production, from agriculture of agave to bottling, packaging […]