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Mezcal Sales Market Research Study

Mezcal Sales Market Research Study including Growth Factors, Types and Application by regions …    The Financial The Mezcal Sales Market report offers detailed competitive landscape of the Global market. It includes company market share analysis, product collection of the major industry participants. The report provides detailed segmentation of the Mezcal Sales market based on product […]

Tequila and Mezcal in the Dallas area

Curious Texas: Where are the best places to drink tequila and mezcal in the Dallas area? In December 2015, my colleague Alfredo Corchado and I detailed how agave spirits are benefiting from the current craft-cocktail movement’s foodie-like focus on quality, authenticity, exotic products and artisanship. Actually we are all benefiting, blessed as we are with […]

Diageo lines up Casamigos Mezcal

Diageo lines up Casamigos Mezcal Though much smaller than the Tequila category, mezcal is growing fast. According to the Global Tequila and Mezcal Insights joint-report from just-drinks and the IWSR, sales of Tequila will move up from their 2016 level of just under 30m cases to nearly 35m cases in 2021. While mezcal remains […]

George Clooney enters mezcal market

George Clooney enters mezcal market    The Drinks Business Fanatical about quality, Clooney and Gerber taste every batch of mezcal produced. According to Forbes, the “subtle” mezcal offers notes of “mint, oregano, and thyme” alongside “tamarind and mango”, and has an “unusually long finish”… Housed in matte grey bottles that are finished in a 190-degree oven, […]

In the heart of mezcal country

In the heart of mezcal country    Blogs – Miahuatlan is one of a handful of towns in this part of Oaxaca that have become synonymous with the production of mezcal. Not the worm in the bottle stuff you see at duty free in the airport, but traditional mezcal, the kind of small batch spirit […]

Colorado’s Commitment to Sourcing Mezcal

Colorado’s Commitment to Thoughtful Sourcing Extends to Mezcal    303 Magazine In 2017, if you were to peruse the cocktail list at any of the city’s new or upscale establishments, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single one that didn’t feature mezcal… Mezcal is the oldest known spirit in the Americas — the depth and nuance […]

Agave spirits focused bar opens in Hong Kong

Agave spirits focused bar opens in HK    The Drinks Business According to Khan, the bar now boasts roughly 100 different labels of Mezcal, Raicilla, Tequila and Sotol including a rare Los Javis Jabali Mezcal, distilled from a “very stubborn and rare” Convallis agave, a plant that “most distillers avoid as it’s a high maintenance plant,” […]

Casamigos brand set to expand to Mezcal

News Briefs for January 29, 2018    Shanken News Daily Diageo’s Casamigos Tequila brand is reportedly set to expand into the mezcal category this spring. Casamigos co-founder Rande Gerber told Gotham Magazine that the mezcal extension will be a high-end, small-batch offering sourced from a family that has produced the spirit for five generations. Casamigos’ move […]

Scientists identify four new species of agave

Scientists identify four new species of agave    Mexico News Daily Of the 38 agave species found solely in Oaxaca, 10 are traditionally used in the elaboration of mezcal by local artisanal producers…  What is known is that Mexico has 75% of all agave species in the world and may have more.  “In the last 35 […]

Profiles in Mezcal Spirits Influenced by Agave Species

Volatile Compound Profiles in Mezcal Spirits as Influenced by Agave Species and Production … Mezcal is a traditional Mexican spirit produced by distilling fermented Agave. The effects of Agave species, origin, and season on the volatile compound profile were studied in mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico… Using variance analysis, it was possible to observe significant differences […]